Mei Lan


Mei Lan is a bright soft teddy bear hand-sewn from hand-dyed magenta alpaca and mohair furs.

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Mei Lan, whose name means ‘Beautiful Orchid’, is a bright soft teddy bear hand-sewn from hand-dyed alpaca and mohair furs. He has magenta alpaca fur ears and chest, magenta mohair arms, and variegated magenta-pink mohair legs. His head and body are white alpaca fur.

Mei Lan has glass button eyes and a perle cotton handstitched nose. He has bright pink ultrasuede paw pads and is filled with 100% Australian wool filling.

Mei Lan is 27cm / 10.5in tall when standing (but he prefers to sit), and is fully disc and T-pin jointed. He wears a glass-topped pendant featuring a blue and purple print Japanese paper, hanging from a silver ball chain.

Mei Lan comes with a swing tag listing his name, date of birth, and materials used; and has been signed on his left foot with ‘Bearly Bears 2020’.

Mei Lan is a wonderful purchase for a collector, or as an ornamental gift for a child, however due to small parts he is not suitable as a toy for children under 14.


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