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Bear Collector’s Anonymous Exclusive Online Show

I have something very special and exciting to share with you! On the 2nd June 2018, I will be participating in a 42 hour original and exciting online show called The BCA (Bear Collector’s Anonymous) Exclusive Online Show, a show with an innovative and thrilling concept, a show that is different from the rest and like no other, and you are invited to join in the fun!

This show has been established for avid collectors, addicts and enthusiasts of Artist Bears, Critters and Creatures alike. More than 70 individual talented artists are set to trade on this fantastic weekend, with more signing up to participate every day. There will be exclusive creations made specifically for the members of this show, as well as an array of other bears, critters and creatures available direct from some of the World’s finest soft sculpture artists.

As a collector, you have two options when joining the show:
1) You can pay Early Bird Fee of USD$3, which gives you 42 hour access to the show.
2) You join for free, with 18 hour access, starting from the 25th hour….

Why would I pay, I hear you ask?…… This is why…. By paying the USD$3 fee this is what you get:
The first 24 hours of bear shopping is only accessible to the Early Bird Collectors, before we open the show to the rest of the public, for Free Entry. You know what they say…. The Early Bird Collector gets the best Bears!!!

Unlimited access to the Online Show page, even before the show opens, where you will receive behind the scenes access with all your favourite artists, you will get to see all the sneak peaks and be privy to all those who are joining up.. you can also interact and chat with all your favourite artists and build friendships and rapports with them.

But wait… if that is not enough…… You go into the running to win the Door Prize of USD$100- to be used towards a show purchase and paid direct to the Artist or Seller

And if the opportunity to win a $100 door prize isn’t enough, we will also be donating part proceeds to a Animal Charity.

Plus you get the chance to cast your vote in the Collectors Choice by liking your favourite creations, Collectors Choice will be decided by the end of the first 24 hours.

All you need to do, is join the BCA Exclusive Online Show in Facebook, (link at the bottom of this message) and Bec & Kim will take care of the rest. You will be sent a private message from either of them with a PayPal link to settle the entry fee so you need to keep an eye out for that message, as it could go to your others folder in Messenger or Message requests.

There are 2 links here, the first one is for the group that plays host to the show, Bear Collectors Anonymous.. a fantastic group that is all about sharing your collection with other addicts.

Then there is the link to the actual show group, but to stay informed with upcoming shows etc you really need to join the link above also.

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